It’s that time of year when the Old Farmer’s Almanac puts out its predictions for what our Winter will be like and it looks like it may be a wild one for us.  The Old Farmer’s Almanac, according to says that rising temperatures will make for a mild winter across the country. quotes the Old Farmer’s Almanac with “For the United States, we predict that recent warming trends will dominate the eastern and northern parts of the United States in the coming winter, with below-normal average temperatures limited to the western portion of the nation.”

But fear not, New England snow lovers, it looks like they are predicting cold temps in our region and thankfully, some snow!  Old Farmer’s Almanac says “Snowfall will be greater than normal in the Northeast!  Woo Hoo, my wife will finally get me on a pair of skis this winter, even if it kills me. Now you might be wondering how accurate the Old Farmer’s Almanac is in their predictions since they have been releasing them since 1792.  That’s right 1792.

Turns out they are about 80 percent accurate and were 80.5 percent accurate for last year’s weather predictions.  I sure hope they are right.  My wife is still complaining that I got snow tires for no reason last year and I have to prove her wrong this year.  The Old Farmer’s Almanac is also predicting that Canada will have a cold and snowy winter so I can hope they open up the border and I can take a spin up North just to get some use out of my tires.




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