You may have seen an ad or two for Minions over the past year or so. Starring Sandra Bullock as a super-villain, it raked in over $115M in its opening weekend. However, we look back at Sandra's last blockbuster, Gravity, for a moment: what if she was replaced by Arnold Schwarzenegger?

In 2013, Bullock was widely praised for her role as astronaut Sandra Stone. It is as no criticism to her that I think I would have much preferred Arnold in that role.

Which begs the question-- should have Arnold have also starred in her stead in Minions (who would have better harder to understand, him or the Minions)? The Blind Side (can't you just hear him saying "I'd like to become a legal guardian")?

I like to think Arnold can make any movie better except, ironically, the new Terminator. Maybe that needed some Sandra Bullock.

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