Gas Pumps
credit Morgue File

Sometimes weird things roll around inside my head while I'm on my way into work during the pre-dawn hours. This time around is was all about fueling up your vehicle.

I started to wonder if you're a creature of habit like I am and gas up your car at a certain time of day, or do you hit the pumps when you know you know you don't have enough gas in the tank to get to your destination.

For me, 99% percent of the time, I'm gassing up at 3:30 in the morning on my ride into work. I usually wait until I have about 1/4 of a tank left.

(In all honesty, there are those times where I wait until I'm running on fumes and I'm crossing my fingers I make it to the nearest gas station.)

So, please take the quick survey and pass it on to your friends as well!

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