So many Granite Staters are considered non essential and have been ordered to stay inside until next month!

While the humans have been inside hibernating, many wild animals have taken the cue that it's time to come out and play, even in downtown areas!

Yes, I'm referring to the frisky moose who was trying to get into the Woodstock Brewery Inn. In fairness, it was a Thursday and she was just trying to get her drink on.

Marilyn Meadows Bernstein is a frequent contributor to the u Local New Hampshire Facebook page. She has shared some stunning photos of Snowy Owls in Hudson among other creatures.

Marilyn has a fantastic way of capturing moments in nature. When a mama fox and her kits visited Marilyn's backyard in search of peanuts, she was quick to grab the camera! Look at these incredible shots:

Have you spotted any cool creatures roaming around your neighborhood lately?

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