Well, I guess it begins. According to wcax.com a proposed ordinance in Salem, NH would require residents and visitors to the town, to wear a face mask when indoors in a public place or face a fine of $200. Just across the border in Massachusetts residents face a $300 dollar fine for not wearing a face mask in public. Personally, I feel fine wearing a mask to protect others and possibly protecting myself from the spread of COVID-19. I am usually the one in my home who doesn’t get sick, but my wife has underlying health conditions and I don’t want to infect her, so I try and protect myself and others when out and about by wearing a mask and keeping social distance.

I really hope I am not one of those asymptomatic people.  It’s not a huge inconvenience to wear a mask, my wife sews them for me so I have them readily available, but my thoughts are with those that might have trouble finding a mask.  Even a bandana can be used as a face covering so with good ole’ New England creativity I know we can all come up with something.  I know we have to take some action, so we don’t wind up as a hot spot like other states including New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and others.

But a steep fine for not wearing a face mask?  I don’t know.  How about a warning and the offer of a free face mask first?  Also, according to wcax.com, the proposed ordinance mentions that children over the age of 2 should wear a mask.  I have four kids and if you as a parent can get your two or three-year-old to keep that mask on, congratulations.  I couldn’t get my kids to keep their hats on at the beach when they were little.

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