Rob Gronkowski's reign as the White Tiger on the show ‘The Masked Singer’ has ended. He is going strong with the WWE. He is a Fox sports analyst which, understandably, will be a little slow with all sports canceled, except for NFL games, which we don’t know the future of at this moment.

But Gronkowski never fails to make headlines. reports that during a post ‘Masked Singer’ show interview with Jenny McCarthy, Gronkowski’s response to her question was cryptic.

She asked, “We hope to see those moves back in the locker room soon!” and Gronk replied, “Oh, you never know!” seems to think Gronkowski’s comment was just a tease.

If he is really considering a return to the NFL would it be to the Patriots without Brady? Or would he want to stay with Brady and make the move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

He is only 30 years old and so far, retirement has been very exciting.

I can’t wait to see what the Gronk does next. I know we have been down this road with Gronk before but, I think if he comes back it's only with Tampa Bay and they are looking for a tight end too.


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