Recently, I got to to thinking if you could have one country superstar come to your home, office or place of your choosing to hold a special, private concert who would it be?

I posed that question to our listeners here at WOKQ and as always, they did not disappoint. There were so many comments in the Facebook thread, that I can't list them all here. Check out the Facebook post for yourself below and fee free to add your favorite.

Some of the answers didn't really surprise me, while there were a few in there that I wasn't expecting to see.

Oh and don't forget that coming in 2019, we're expecting to have a fantastic line-up for our WOKQ Sessions. We started 'Sessions' back in 2018. It's where your favorite country artists come to the WOKQ studios for a live, intimate performance. Some of the stars that were here last year included, Scotty McCreery, Granger Smith, Tennille Townes and Runaway June, just to name a few!


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