Front Porch Bakery

Front Porch Bakery on Sabattus Road in Sabattus, Maine is for sale which normally wouldn't be newsworthy. But the current owners don't want the business to go to just anyone.

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No Grouches

The Sun Journal reports there is something very important to the current owners. They "[w]ill NOT sell to a grouchy person."

Great Model

Imagine if more businesses operated this way. Sure, money talks, but if the buyer is a grouch, is it really worth it?

I would imagine starting your own business is kind of like having a kid. That's your baby. You don't want it going to just anyone. Plus if the new owners are grouches no one will want to work for them or be patrons anyway. Especially in a tight-knit community such as Sabattus. Word travels fast.

So if you're looking for a new venture and you're more of an Elmo than an Oscar, maybe you could be the future owner of Front Porch Bakery!

Front Porch Bakery is still open as they wait for the perfect buyer. Stay up to date on Facebook here.

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