Nearly a mile out into the ocean is a personal favorite lighthouse, the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. While the lighthouse itself is gorgeous, the journey to get there is half the fun.

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The beginning of the journey. . . . . #maine #mainelife #lighthouse #breakwater

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According to Friends of Rockland Harbor Lights, the breakwater was built in 1899 with adjustments done in 1901 to make it what we know today.

For those unaware, a breakwater's purpose is to slow down the crashing waves, protecting the shore. The Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse was built after the breakwater was complete.

768,774 tons of stone were used in building the Rockland Breakwater and for the time, cost $880,093.

After the walk there's a fair amount of room to relax and trust me, you'll want to! There's nothing like relaxing on the rocks watching the boats go by.

Until you can visit for real, they do have a live webcam that you can check out here.

Summer is winding down but there's plenty of time to drive up the coast and explore the beauty of Rockland and take a stroll on the breakwater. It's dog friendly and school-aged kids will love it too!

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