The New England Patriots had a season that was really 0 to 100 to 0, again, season.  Mac Jones had a really good season.  He had some great wins, but he also had a few terrible losses.  As a result, the Patriots will need to play in this weekend's wildcard game.

They'll visit the Bills at Highmark Stadium on Saturday.  Kickoff for that game is 8:15.

If you want to make the trip to Buffalos, you will probably be surprised at the price of the tickets.

They are crazy CHEAP!

Let's take a look at some of the ticket prices on Ticketmaster.  At the time this article was written (10 AM on Friday, January 14th), the cheapest seats were about $38.  The most expensive?  Just about $800.

Take a look at some of the seats...

Pats / Bills Wildcard Ticket Prices

Why are they so cheap?  Well of the main reasons could be the weather expected for Saturday night.  According to the National Weather Service, it is going to be clear on Saturday night, but it is going to be cold!  The low on Saturday will be 5 degrees, but it will feel more like -10 with the wind chill.

Despite the cheap price of the tickets, it is going to be a lot more pleasant sitting on your couch or at a local sports bar.

So, how much will it cost you to make the trip?  For two people you'll spend: $80 on a pair of cheap seats tickets, $720 on airline tickets from Portland to Buffalo (fly out Saturday and fly back on Sunday), $120 for a hotel room (for two), and $150 for food / drink.  So, it'll run two people about $1,070 to make a trip to the game.

If you end up going, share your pictures and videos with us.

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