Okay, THIS is a wild story.

Back in the 1800s, two brothers inherited land in the North End of Boston, Massachusetts.

While one brother left Boston to serve during the American Civil War, the other brother decided to build on the land.

Here is the kicker: he built one home. For him. Using the vast majority of the inherited land. Leaving the other brother, the veteran, with next to nothing.

SO, the brother who was off serving the country comes back, likely expecting to start building on the land he inherited, and what does he find? Nothing but a tiny alleyway between his neighboring house and his brother's new home.

Here is the "spite house", but stay with the story, cause it gets better.

Furious with his brother, the veteran had no choice but to fight fire with fire. He utilized every foot of space his brother "left him", and built a 10-foot-wide "skinny house."

The home is commonly known as the "spite house" in Boston because it was built out of spite. The newer, skinny, home blocks all views and sunlight into the larger home built by the brother who stayed in Boston during the war. Every floor is different. The veteran brother did everything in his power to stick it to his brother – a hilarious story of spite.

Another wild part? The "spite" or "skinny" house in Boston sold for 1.2 million back in 2021, despite it only being 10 feet wide.

Check out the inside of the house below:

According to an NPR article:

The 2-bedroom 1-bath home was built in 1890, according to city tax records, though some accounts say 1862....

The real estate agency calls it "The Skinny House," measuring 1,165 square feet. "Floor-through residence with 3 exposures offering a unique floor plan, manicured gardens and a private roof deck with unobstructed harbor and city views."

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