13-year-old Maddoc Johnson, also known as "Patches", graced us with his talents on The Big Breakfast today. Now that he is back from America's Got Talent, he is spending his time doing musical theater. Right now he is in the Seacoast Repertory Theatre's production of "The Who's Tommy" which is running though this Sunday.

It was so fun to have Maddoc in studio especially on the day that our Big Breakfast Studio audience was here. They were fans of America's Got Talent and loved "Patches" on the show.

Below is our full interview with Maddoc and we even got his to spit some rhymes for us at the end:

We are so excited for what is in store for Maddoc "Patches" Johnson. Whether the next stop is Broadway or staying in the rap game, we know he is going places! And we get to say we knew him when :)

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