The boy, vacationing in New Hampshire, made the shocking discovery while snorkeling with his father.

8 year old Jackson is enjoying the last few weeks of summer vacation, and spending it in New Hampshire. Earlier this week, the young man went snorkeling with his father, where he made a very interesting discovery.

A .357 magnum!

According to their Facebook page, Alton police say he immediately notified his father.  The quick thinkers placed the gun in a safe area where Jackson and his younger sister wouldn’t be able to access it, and notified the Alton Police Department.

After investigating, it turns out the gun has a bit of history. Police Chief Ryan Heath wrote the gun "was stolen from a residence in Sanbornton NH many years ago. Despite being submerged for some time, the handgun appeared to be in remarkably good condition." However, there were not any bullets, and the gun was in no condition to be fired, according to the post.

The Chief also addressed the need to educate your children about the dangers of guns, noting that "If the circumstances were diffident this could have had a very tragic ending."

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