7News Boston is reporting on the mysterious case of the random dumps of Amazon packages.

A Massachusetts woman, Linda Watts, was tidying up the area of her family gravestones at Forest Dale Cemetery in Malden when she came across an unusual find while dropping off grass clippings in a waste bin.  There were dozens of unopened Amazon packages in the bin.

This wasn’t the first occurrence of mystery packages on Monday.

Swampscott officers found at least 15 unopened Amazon packages in a trash barrel and earlier Burlington police hand-delivered several packages that were discovered in another trash can, according to the news station.

When it comes to missing packages, the police are usually taking reports of missing packages from doorsteps.  This was quite the turn of events to find large caches of unopened packages and not missing ones.

Amazon was able to discern quickly who the culprit was and 7News Boston reports that the person is no longer with the company.

Kudos to the police officers that hand-delivered the packages.  What a nice way to go above and beyond for our community.  I hope all the packages were retrieved. That former Amazon employee must not be very good at hide and seek because so many of the packages were retrieved very quickly.



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