Another day, another tough one for the New England Patriots.  This time the team is in hot water for filming the Bengals sidelines during the Bengals/Brown’s game.  According to Fox News Sports, in an episode reminiscent of 2007 Spygate, a three-person crew for a web series with the working title “Do Your Job” was “inappropriately filmed the field from the press box” as a part of the series with a focus on the Patriot’s scouting department.


The film crew was granted press credentials from the Browns which is the home field where the game was played but the Bengals were not informed, nor did the crew inform the NFL of their intentions to film the field from the press box.  Fox News Sports says when confronted, the crew “immediately turned over all footage to the league and cooperated fully.”


When asked about the incident on WEEI radio, Bill Belichick said ‘We have absolutely nothing to do with anything that they produce, direct or shoot… I have never seen any of their tape or anything else.  This is something we have 100 percent have zero involvement with.”  Who knows what the fall out will be from this but it’s not looking good for the Pats.

It's us against the world! No one likes us...They're so jealous...Do you really think the pats need to cheat against the Bengals? C'mon man!!!




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