Residents and visitors are to use extra caution when swimming in the waters along Wells Beach in Maine.

According to, Maine’s Bureau of Parks and Lands “announced Thursday they are closing ‘all water activities’ at Popham Beach and Fort Popham until further notice.”

Commissioner Patrick Keliher said in the article, “We urge swimmers and other recreating in or on the water to be aware of their surroundings and to avoid schools of fish or seals, which attract sharks.”

The seals love to hang out and sun themselves on the rocks. Sharks love to eat seals. So, it’s important to keep away from those areas to avoid sharks in the water.

That means no paddle-boarding, no kayaking, according to the news station, and other advice includes swimming in groups and to avoid wearing wetsuits.

Two beaches, Ferry Beach State Park and Crescent Beach State Park still have limits on swimmers not to enter the water above the waist.

Wells Fire Chief tells

The Town of Wells remains vigilant in the aftermath of the attack in Harpswell, and we urge the general public to report any sightings.

Maine Marine patrol is actively patrolling and looking to confirm any sightings. Sharks have been in the ocean for a lot longer than we have been here so it’s surprising that there have not been more attacks on people. Of course, even one attack is one attack too many.

I know it’s hot, and it’s tempting to go for a swim, but maybe stick to the lakes.

The more scientists study the sharks, the better we will be able to predict when they will be cruising in our waters. Thanks to the Maine Marine Patrol for keeping an eye out for us.

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