With me being the new guy…I hear about so many cool things we do here in New England.

Now, the New Hampshire Ice Castles? I’m told that is something I need to go check out.

Apparently, there's tunnels, fountains, slides, frozen thrones and more!

They’re even adding an enchanted forrest this year to it, according to WMUR. Can you imagine walking around in that? Probably pretty magical.

The news station says that construction is under way... and it's a ton of construction.

They are supposed to open around New Year’s Day, WMUR states.

So, I suggest getting your tickets early.


Did I mention that the Ice Castles website states that "the experience is built using hundreds of thousands of icicles hand-placed by professional ice artists"? Now that's a lot of hard-work to create something that looks so amazing.

Apparently this Ice Castles thing is a thing, and I can’t wait to take the family. Be on the lookout for pics and videos from us.

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