Bear hunting season is on in Monmouth, Maine, but it’s not what you think it is.

Bear hunting, as in teddy bear hunting, has begun for neighborhood children in the area that are under stay at home orders, according to WMTW.

In an effort to entertain and stimulate children that are tired of being cooped up inside, residents have taken to placing stuffed bears in the windows of their homes and often on their front porches as families take a walk within the social distancing guidelines.

WMTW reports that the game was inspired by the children’s book, “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt,” by Michael Rosen.

Monmouth resident Allison Angell tells the news station that “For about an hour we didn’t think about anything else that was happening in the world, she said. “It was just about the bears. The kids sat in the backseat. My daughter kept a tally. We kept looking, and it was only that, and I had completely forgotten what was going on until we pulled back into the yard.”

What a great idea for the community to pull together and show support for each other. Get your bears out.


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