Brick & Ash on Center Street in Newburyport announced on Facebook that unfortunately they will be closing their doors for good:

According to The Daily News, Brick & Ash opened in 2016 and it quickly became a fan favorite for tourists and townies alike.

Upon hearing the news, people shared their fond memories of the restaurant in the comments section.

One woman said she considered their deck HER deck pre pandemic. She will miss their craft cocktails:

Their cocktails always had really clever names too. I was a fan of the "Eastbound and Down"

One man said it was an honor to be a part of their music rotation in two different bands:

Another woman said:

 "I still have the Lindt Santa Claus you gave out during your first week in my freezer. Best of Luck to you all."

Do you know about Brick & Ash's resident spirit Lucinda?

According to North Shore Magazine, she worked as a "lady of the night" back when the Brick & Ash building was a brothel. Supposedly Lucinda was thrown down the stairs, broke her neck and died in that very building.

The article states she likes to make her presence known by flickering lights, knocking glasses over, and making doors appear to open and close all on their own. Members of the staff say its never anything malicious or mean, but it's totally there.

Lucinda's presence was embraced and honored with a special libation. 'The Lucinda' is a gin and tonic with simple syrup and lime juice, garnished with basil. How refreshing and bone chilling all at the same time.

This news begs the question what will become of Lucinda? Will she find somewhere else to haunt? Or stick around until new ownership moves in? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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