Growing up, I was very close to my grandparents. They would come to our house to visit, and I would immediately go to my room, pack a bag, and then go climb into the backseat of their car so they couldn't leave without taking me home with them. Sometimes I'd just skip the bag and go get in the car, and my mom would have to pack the bag. Yes, I loved my grandparents.

My grandfather, Edward Burd, was my hero. I loved him. He was firm, serious most of the time, but he had a playful side, and he loved me without question. He believed in me, and I learned so many lessons from him. As I sit here, I'm overwhelmed with memories and so many stories I could tell you. Maybe I'll share some of those in the weeks to come, but right now I'll just tell you he taught me to ALWAYS do my best. That a job worth doing is worth doing right.

My grandmother, Bernice, was equally as important. My grandfather was forced to retire from his job as a foreman on the B&O Railroad in his mid 40s after a work-related accident. So my grandmother stepped up to supplement his pension.

Second generation Irish, her grit and determination helped shape my own tenacious attitude. Her love of cooking was an early influence into my own love for preparing great meals for my family and friends to share. Sunday were always special. All of my aunts, uncles, and cousins would gather around her table for lunch. And to this day, I challenge you to find anyone that makes better friend chicken or apple pie that my Grandma Burd.

When my grandfather passed away at 65, she was still a young woman in her 50s. Alone for the first time since she was 18, my grandmother rose to the occasion. She sold the only house she had know for decades, bought a new house, and carved out a new life, but she was always there for her family.

So when I was asked to tell you about a senior citizen from New Hampshire that has influenced my life, the first person I thought of was my Grandma Burd. And although she still lives in Ohio, her influence stretches all the way to the Granite State via the example she set, and values she instilled in me.

WOKQ has teamed up with American Senior Magazine to salute the seniors in Maine and New Hampshire. Each week, we'll be highlighting a senior who played a part of making New England such a great place to live.

I sincerely encourage you to nominate a special senior that has touched your life in some positive way. If chosen, they'll be invited to the station to take part in an upcoming commercial. We'll also throw a lunch here at Townsquare Media, honoring all of the seniors we're saluting.

My grandmother is an unbelievable source of inspiration for me. At 93 years old, she still is as active and social as ever. She volunteers in her senior community each week. And she still loves to go out and dance on Saturday night. I'm sure you know a senior citizen that inspires you as much as my grandmother inspires me. So please tell us all about them.

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