There is already one state in the U.S. considering a measure to change B's to A's.

If you struggled with a B average in school, a future version of you could make high honors in North Carolina.

If lawmakers pass House Bill 145, a 15 point grading system would replace the current one. According to WCNC, the bill passed its first reading in the House on Monday and has been referred to the Committee on Education K-12.

Basically, here's what would would happen:

1. "A" grade would stretch from 100-85

2. "B" grade would stretch from 84-70.

3. "C" grade would include anything between 69-55

4. "D" grade falls back to between 54-40

5. You still get an "F" for a score below 40.

Credit Think Stock
Credit Think Stock

According to the WCNC, if passed, the new grading scale would go into effect for the 2019-2020 school year.

Other states are watching this bill closely, and might adopt if it passes. While New Hampshire isn't reportedly one of them, do you think this is a good idea for the Granite State? 



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