We all know how busy life can get and maybe going to get your car inspected isn't fitting into your schedule. If your inspection sticker is expired and you get pulled over, you would be far better off telling a police officer that you have been busy and you will get around to it rather than draw an inspection sticker yourself! According to WHDH, this work of art was allegedly found on the windshield of a vehicle near Route 104 and Route 4 on Monday.

*facepalm* I feel like at least once a year someone from our fair state gets caught doing this! The Danbury Police Department hilariously described the makeshift sticker on their Facebook page as "good from far but far from good". The owner of the vehicle now has a court date. Danbury PD isn't trying to discourage the future artists of America however, art projects and state-issued documents should be mutually exclusive.

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