Coming soon, my wife is going to be very happy. She loves British Football, or as I say, soccer. reports that The June Cork Pub will be moving into the space formerly operated by Weeksie’s Pizza at 66 Third Street in Dover. British pub food will be featured and as a homage to Weeksie’s, the legendary pizza place that occupied the space for 23 years, owner Josh Bushnell says, “A tribute to the legend before us, we humbly replicate Weeksie’s cheesy-fry pizza.”

Since most of the games take place in European time zones, Bushnell will be open at 7 am for breakfast on the weekends. Bushnell named the pub after his grandmother, June Cork, who came from Liverpool, England. Not surprising, Bushnell is a huge fan of the Liverpool team of the Premier League in England which he says he gets from his grandparent's love of the team. The June Cork Pub hopes to open in late March or early April per the article on

The best part about the New England area is he can put the Premier League games on in the morning and still see the Patriots play at 1 pm. He’s hoping to bring soccer fans together and give fans of soccer a chance to bond over their favorite sport by hanging around like-minded fans and sharing in a pint or two with some great British Pub food. It will almost be like a slice of England in New England.


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