It seems that Moose are always getting in trouble. I have written previously about them getting stuck in swimming pools, both empty and filled. This Moose in Vermont really got himself in a bad situation. According to WMUR Officials at Vermont Fish and Wildlife were alerted that a large animal had gotten its leg stuck in a hole on a railroad bridge. A team consisting of the Springfield Fire Department, Wildlife biologists, and the Vermont Rail System sprung into action.

Consideration must be weighed as to the risk to animal welfare the dangers a rescue of this type may pose to first responders. Fortunately for the Moose, there was some determined crew willing to give their all to help the Moose. It took a crane and some tranquilizer and some very careful work, but all involved but the story has a happy ending. According to WMUR the Moose was freed and once the sedation wore off, he strolled happily back to the forest. Let’s hope he has sworn off the train tracks and bridges in general in the future. Kudos to all that worked so hard to help this animal.

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