Can you imagine being serenaded by your favorite artist...face to face...on the same your OWN HOME?!

Well, one New England native got that opportunity from her favorite artist, Ed Sheeran.

Danielle Rouleau, a Foster, Rhode Island, native, thought she was selected to open a box of Ed Sheeran merchandise (usually a shirt, a note, some swag, etc).

But that was not all Rouleau received when she opened her front door.

"I have loved Ed Sheeran for, like, 11 years," Danielle Rouleau said in a WJAR article. "So the fact that he was in my doorway was just like unbelievable. I couldn't even fathom that that was happening to me."

Sure enough, as Danielle opened the front door, the red-headed pop star was in her doorway, ready to perform.

"He was just standing in my doorway with a guitar, which is, like, a fangirl's dream," she said. "That's what you dream of, but you never actually think it's going to happen."

Sheeran brought his guitar, sat on Danielle's couch, and performed an acoustic version of his new song "The Day I was Born."

To see the whole interaction, see the video below.

The reason Ed Sheeran did this for a giant fan is the best part of this fun story.

"He told me that he used to perform on people's couches when he first was getting started, and he kind of wanted to bring that back," Rouleau said.

I mean, that is what it is all about. Going back to your roots and remembering where you came from.

What artist would you want to randomly show up at your doorway?

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