It was a sad day at Vernon Family Farm, and the heat blast also cost them thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

Last weekend was crazy hot. Cooling centers were opened in many communities. We were told to leave our pets indoors, and to make sure they had fresh water at all times. The heat index flirted with the 100 degree mark. Unfortunately, the warm-up also claimed the lives of 400 chickens in Newfields, New Hampshire. According to WMUR News 9, shortly after 5pm on Saturday, the birds died at Vernon Family Farm. This despite a major effort by the family. Jeremiah Vernon told WMUR “It was a depressing day for sure, we had worked really hard, a crew and a farm, to keep them alive and we had a plan.” “We had electrolytes in their water, we had watered the traps on top to try to have evaporative cooling and we had done a lot." They reportedly even took their feed away to assist with metabolism.

It was a big hit emotionally, as well as financial. The family listed wholesale value of the 400 chickens at around $7,000.



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