It's the holidays!  It's time for gatherings with friends, family, and co-workers to celebrate the season of giving.  Laughter, love, and kindness abound, and so do the classic cocktails that go along with the season.

What's your cocktail of choice for the holiday?  Do your friends like the same drink? Is there a flavor that vibes with the colder season and shorter days?  If you are wondering about these questions too, let me share some our favorites in New England.

According to, there are certain flavor combinations patrons enjoy based on your state.  For instance, the Northeast combination of flavors would be different than the Southwest.

It's not rocket science. Just a look at google trends over the past year, and how full of character each cocktail memory holds.

The site adds,

The spirit of the holiday season is as diverse and flavorful as the Christmas cocktails we cherish. These drinks are more than just recipes – they are a celebration of our unique regional tastes and shared holiday joys.

You would think classic eggnog would be the number one choice, but it's not.  Here's what Northern New England loves for holiday cocktails.


Let's face it.  Everything in Maine is apple cider-flavored, including Apple Cider Mimosas.  You can find these easy-to-make and easy-to-drink liquids at any establishment.  These are a Maine staple this season.


If you think of the Bay State, you have think of cranberries.  The cranberry bogs of Cape Cod are famous, as are the cranberry cocktails of the season.  The holiday favorite for Massachusetts is a Cranberry Sangria.

New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, you can easily find apple cider anything, but cranberry is a hot flavor too, which is why you'll find the favorite drink, a Moscow Mule, with a New England spin.  The Cranberry Moscow Mule is the preferred cocktail of choice in the Granite State.

Regions have their flavors and characteristics, and these three states ring true, especially during the holidays.


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