You've probably heard all of the people who have won $1000 by being the correct caller when they heard their chance to win cash in the month of May.

We're back at it this week with two chances to win $1000 every weekday and the bonus shot at $10,000 online. Listen for the "$2K A Day" cue to call at these days and times this week.

Monday May 18th at 11:06 am and 2:36 pm

Tuesday May 19th at 8:06 am and 1:36 pm

Wednesday May 20th at 10:06 am and 5:36 pm

Thursday May 21st at 12:06 pm and 4:36 pm

Friday May 22nd 9:06 am and 2:36 pm.


By the way, we'll be taking Memorial Day Monday May 25th off but be right back at it on Tuesday May 26th. Think of it as a great time to sign up for $10,000 in bonus cash!

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