In a New Year’s Eve stunt gone horribly wrong, or horribly right, the Gronk took a Lego sculpture of Steve Harvey’s head and DESTROYED it by spiking it like a football and then doing a victory dance kicking the Lego’s all around the floor.

The New York Post reported on the incident, which occurred on television during the airing of “New Year’s Eve with Steve Harvey” on Fox.

It was a wild scene and an interesting way to kick off 2020.

Harvey looked furious and said, “Are you serious? I don’t want to work with him no more. Why is he here?”

My oldest son loved Legos and I know the time that went into creating the replica of Steve Harvey’s head for this New Year’s Eve event.  I don’t think the bit was planned; it was just Gronk being Gronk and acting in the moment and wanting to celebrate.

He didn’t have a football near him so Steve Harvey’s Lego replica head just must have seemed like the best thing to spike to kick off the new decade.

Gronk was dancing after the incident kicking Legos all over the stage while wearing his throwback uniform.

Gronkowski signed up to be an analyst for Fox sports this October, according to the New York Post.

Can we expect more off-field antics from the Gronk?  I hope so. The look on Steve Harvey’s face was priceless.

You can't make this stuff up. Is Former New England Patriot star tight end Rob Gronkowski the best?  This is without a doubt the funniest thing I've seen all year!!

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