A Hampton Beach woman has been reunited with her missing cat Coconuts after two long years!

This sounds like it could be a sequel to "The Incredible Journey"!

Holly Testerman's Bengal cat went missing two years ago after she moved from Manchester to Hampton Beach, according to Fosters.com.    Testerman kept posting about Coconuts hoping someone would be able to find him.

Surprisingly, Testerman tells Fosters.com, that she didn't get nervous because Bengals are outdoor cats and he's always found his way home before.

Testerman didn't give up, and thanks to all her posting, she was contacted on October 4th by someone saying they had Coconuts.  The man lived in Manchester, which was her former town nearly 40 miles away!

She tells Fosters that she wasn't sure if it was really her cat because she had been contacted before and it didn't work out.   The person that contacted her had taken a picture though, and as soon as she saw the scar on his nose and his bright blue eyes she called the man.

Testerman says it just took one loud meow for her to know it was Coconuts!  She quickly went to pick him up, and even though she was sure, his identity was confirmed through a microchip that he had.

Testerman tells Fosters.com that she thinks someone stole Coconuts during the height of beach season and is really grateful that people were on the lookout:

“If you didn’t believe in miracles, now you do."

What a happy ending! Now we just need a book on Coconuts and his adventures over the last two years!

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