It's funny how things in life trigger various memories. It took some crisp New England weather to remind me that fall is the anniversary of when I first joined Planet Fitness in Dover, the very first Planet Fitness, which is a very cool thing indeed.

I found that going to Planet Fitness is a great way to manage stress, stay in shape and get that "me" time in when things get a little too crazy. I feel great after doing a half hour on the elliptical machine and maybe getting some treadmill time in as well. There's nothing like a good cardio workout to feel like you're on top of the world. Then for variety's sake I switch it up with the weight machines every other day or so.

It's been a busy year and frankly I haven't gotten to the gym as much as I used to. It used to be almost an everyday thing for me, but now I've got a few extra pounds I want to work off. So I'm trying to make the extra effort to get in there on a regular basis. I think its important that you keep your workouts fun so that you keep wanting to go back.

Even if I skip a day (or a few) I try to give myself the benefit of the doubt and make sure I get back there as soon as I can. A lot of folks there say that walking through the door is half the battle. And its a great place to meet new friends and workout partners.

The staff at Planet Fitness is always friendly and they work hard to keep things clean and running smoothly. They call it the judgement free zone, which means that you go at your own pace and at your own comfort level.

Like you've seen or heard in their ads, grunting muscle head behavior isn't what you'll find there. In fact if you've never been to Planet Fitness, be prepared for the strobe light and siren that sounds when someone drops a weight to prove what a tough guy or gal that they are.

I'd recommend that you get the black card membership. It lets you work out at any Planet Fitness. For anyone who's on the go and doesn't want to miss their workout, that's a huge bonus. Also, don't miss free pizza night every first Monday of the month and bagel days on the first Tuesday.

Right now Planet Fitness has a great deal at just $10 down and $10 per month. For the price of a few iced coffees, you can join an awesome gym where you can be comfortable and get a great workout in. There are lots of places that you can work out. Most are very expensive and aren't what most people are looking for. Planet Fitness is different, "judgement-free" and easy on the budget. Its why I've been there for years and plan to stay.


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