If you are a fan of the Eagles, you have to check out the History of the Eagles, Part One and Two. Don Henley and Glenn Frey are two of the best songwriters to ever grace the music industry. But these DVD's should come with a warning:  don't expect to get any housework done while you're watching it. The drama between band members will suck you in.

Jonathan, one of my co-workers gave me the DVD's from Netflix. (many of you know WOKQ's sister station is 105.3/102.1, The Shark) I decided I was going to play them while cleaning my house. I figured, I would have it running in the background and do my chores while I listened.

Nope. It was so good, I sat down with the windex, dust cloth, swiffer, paper towels and vacuum cleaner strewn around my house. The laundry? Well, that would keep for few more hours.

I've long been an Eagles fan. It was always a toss up as to who was my favorite band member. I would toggle back and forth between Don Henley and Glenn Frey. Henley's voice stands alone. I don't think there is another tenor that has pipes. The music the band made was pure 70's and unmatched.

Getty Images Rick Diamond

I've always said "Lyin' Eyes" is one of, if not the best story songs ever written. I saw them in concert during their "Hell Freezes Over" tour and they were amazing. I always knew there was some discord between past and previous band members, but it was interesting to see how the band started, how some members didn't get along with other band members and how country legend, Kenny Rogers factored into their success.

Getty Images Rick Diamond

By the way, "Common Thread, Songs of the Eagles," is a great CD. I remember picking up my copy while in Nashville. I listened to that CD over and over again.

If you have Netflix or know someone who does and you like music, I suggest watching the History of the Eagles.  It's well worth a dirty house.

What are some of your favorite Eagles tunes?  I would list mine, but it would probably be easier if I listed the songs I didn't like!