Caitlin Quisenberry captivated The Voice viewers on Tuesday (Oct. 10) with a stunning cover of Kacey Musgraves' "Rainbow."

Although she started off a little shaky, according to coach John Legend, she finished the song very strong.

Before her performance, viewers learned that the Denver native has been singing since she was three years old in her Papaw's baptist church. Opting for a more stable career, Quisenberry was pursuing a her law degree when her grandmother fell ill. Spending those last days with her reignited her passion for music, and she packed up and moved to Nashville.

The 27-year-old was able to get coaches Reba McEntire and Gwen Stefani to turn their chairs, leaving Niall Horan kicking himself for not turning sooner for the singer-songwriter.

"The beginning was just a little shaky, but I think the back half of the performance was so good and it all came together," Legend told her. "I feel like you might have worked through whatever nerves you were feeling. We can see what gift you have as a vocalist."

"When you started I heard country, I heard a great quality voice. Just what I like to listen to," McEntire added. "I do have a lot of experience in the music industry. I've had wonderful coaches in my career, people who have guided me and I think I can help you with some of the things people have been so sweet to teach me."

"And we're got redheads," the country veteran added, "So that's a plus."

Ultimately Quisenberry chose to be a part of Team Reba. The Voice airs Mondays and Tuesday at 8PM ET on NBC.

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