It's almost like clockwork at this point. Celebrities come to our state, and leave talking so highly about it. Remember when Barstool's Portnoy finally came to Maine to do some pizza reviews, and said how much he loved our city? Well, Taylor seems to have the same feelings. Ironically, Portnoy absolutely adores Taylor Swift, and will stop at nothing to meet her and put her on his podcasts. No, it hasn't happened yet, but the second it does, we'll let you know.

Here's the TikTok I found of Taylor just absolutely going in on how much she loves Portland, Maine. She really emphasizes the fact that she's just happy to be in the middle of the woods, and honestly, I can relate. I think a lot of us can. Here, watch:

I would imagine you'd miss the suburbs while living the glitz and glamour lifestyle where you're constantly traveling on private planes to big cities. I'm sure she loves Portland because it's almost like being in a big city without dealing with all the b.s of big cities, like millions of people, constant traffic, and pollution.

Don't worry Tay Tay, we also love our Maine life!

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