The knitting club at Fuller Village in Milton, Massachusetts heard that chickens get chilly this time of year. So they decided to do something about it and knit stylish sweaters for the chickens!

According to CBS, the chickens egg production has increased significantly since they started rocking their new sweaters. It makes sense to me! They are warm, relaxed, and able to focus on their job.

76-year-old Barbara Widmayer is part of the kniting club and has been an active knitter since she was 15. Barbara said,

“I don’t think in my wildest dreams I ever thought anybody made sweaters for chickens....“It was actually very calming to me to work on this.”

Now that this project was such a success, the ladies of Fuller Village are exploring what to do next.  Earmuffs for cows? Scarves for goats? The sky is the limit for this knitting club!

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