Ah, the fall air, crisp and sweet.  Do you know what that means?  Love is in the air, for the moose population that is.  New Hampshire has seen a significant uptick in their moose population since the 1880s when only about 50 moose were left in the State according to Seacoastonline.  The moose population started to come back strong in the 1970s.


Needless to say, if you have never had an up-close and personal view of one, they are massive creatures weighing in at around 700 pounds and more than 6 feet tall.  Now is the time of year that the male bull moose is looking for a mate.  Some moose are sadly looking for love in all the wrong places, like our highways.  Just this week Seacoastonline reporting that one was sighted strolling along near the Hooksett toll plaza on Interstate 93.


N.H. Fish and Game conservation officer Levi Frye suggested that a warning goes out to the public to be aware that it's the mating season and encounters with these gigantic animals can be dangerous.  Just last Sunday afternoon there was an accident in the south lanes just south of the Hooksett tolls.  Just remember if you see one on the road, take care, find a safe spot to stop and do not exit your vehicle.  A bull moose in rut is nothing to mess with.



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