When one company absorbs another, a few of of the finer details can fall through the cracks. Per the new owner, one key item on Bertucci's menu will remain unchanged.


Despite facing uncertainty, Bertucci's was not only purchased, but fans of their delicious rolls will be relieved to know nothing will change. “I’ve been a fan of Bertucci’s brand a long time," new owner Robert Earl told the Boston Herald. “It’s all about the rolls,”  adding he “demolished” four a few days ago. “I wouldn’t change a thing."

The owner of Planet Hollywood has bought the bankrupt local Italian chain, and said he plans to expand the company’s reach again. “It’s very expandable,” Earl said. “I feel it’s been untapped in different forms it could be, including just doing the pizza by itself.”

Earl says a few things will change, but the rolls will not, telling the Herald "“It’s all about the rolls, I wouldn’t change a thing. He reportedly "demolished" four a few days ago.

Robert, you're not alone. 

Reported by the Herald, Earl bought the company for just over $20 million, beating out another bidder at a bankruptcy auction.




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