Sometimes we feel vulnerable, and that can come from feeling gullible.  It's not a good feeling when you feel duped or taken advantage of.

MRO Electric Supply Company decided to conduct a survey of myths many people believe to be true, and then find out which states believe them.

The results were surprising, but not surprising.  Mississippi was the most gullible state in America, and Maine was listed as the least gullible.  Mainers have that salty attitude which may help them with the nonsense meter.

The biggest surprise in New England was New Hampshire, coming it as the 9th most gullible state in the Union.  Granite State residents boast the "live free or die" motto, but when it comes to believing myths, they surprisingly rank fairly high.

Don't fret too much, New Hampshire.  New York actually tied with New Hampshire for the 9th rank. via press release via press release

So what myths are we talking about?  It's statements like cracking your knuckles will cause arthritis, and touching a toad will give you warts.

But wait, there's more.  How about these commonly believed, but scientifically proven false statements?

-  A mama bird will abandon it's baby bird if a human touches it.

- We swallow multiple spiders each year.

- Urine is a remedy for a jellyfish sting.

- Daylight Savings Time was created for the farmers.

- It takes the body seven years to digest chewing gum.

- Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

If you live in New Hampshire and believe any of these myths, then you are actually in the majority.  You might want to rethink those stories.

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