Yet another Big Breakfast food fight went down this morning. Bill was scarfing some cranberry sauce right from the can as if that were normal, acceptable behavior.

I can't stand cranberry sauce. Don't people just put it on their Thanksgiving plates for color and eat around it? And there is just something wrong about cranberry sauce that has the imprint of the can on it. Am I right? Apparently, I'm not. Because look at all of these cranberry sauce enthusiasts:

But then again, there are those who feel repulsed by its very existence.

So, like every Big Breakfast food fight, we haven't really reached a conclusion. It doesn't appear that cranberry sauce is universally loved or universally hated. Different strokes for different folks.

It doesn't matter if you will be steering clear of the cranberry sauce this year or eating it by the can, we hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving :)

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