A New Hampshire man who has performed the National Anthem all over New England, broke a record earlier this week when he performed the Star Spangled Banner at SNHU in Hooksett, New Hampshire.

Chances are if you've been to a sporting event in New Hampshire or Massachusetts, you've heard Alan St. Louis sing. St. Louis is well-known for performing the Star Spangled Banner, but on Wednesday night, he broke a record! He delivered our National Anthem for the 2,000th time!

You gotta have some mighty good pipes to be able to claim that title and Alan St. Louis can sing. I've seen him belt out the song a few times and he never misses a note. I'm so happy that Alan and Southern New Hampshire University are both getting some national attention.

According to WMUR, the record-breaking performance took place before the women's basketball game at SNHU. St. Louis can also boast about some other records he holds including, singing the anthem over 217 times in his first year and eventually 500 times in a year. He also sang the anthem 600 times at SNHU.


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