Picture from Kenzie's fb
Picture from Kenzie's fb

There’s a new pub in town for Kittery, Maine and it looks like it could be a winner. Kenzie’s Restaurant and Pub is poised to open just after Christmas at the former location of the Farm Bar and Grill and the Local Kitchen and Tap at 57 State Road in Kittery. According to seacoastonline.com, the restaurant will be featuring American pub fare and will focus on “properly executed food.” The pub will be showcasing 16 beers on tap.

The new restaurant is the result of two generations coming together to make it happen. Jeff and Sharon Gage left the area 30 years ago and have been excited about heading back and now live in Harrison. Three of their sons are involved in the new pub. According to seacoastonline, John Gage attended culinary school and has worked in restaurants since the age of 16. His father Jeff Gage said, “I always told him if he really wanted to make it in the culinary world, he would need to own his own restaurant.”

John Gage says, “We’re hoping to become part of the community and create an environment for people to gather, relax, and eat good food.” The restaurant will be named after John Gage’s best friend Kenzie, a German shepherd that has been by his side for 7 years and the pub even features a sign with a caricature of Kenzie! I wish them success in their venture and hope to get up there and grab a beer once they open.

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