A  story involving two coaches in New Hampshire accused of suggesting actions against an 11 year old girl, in hopes she would quit their league has garnered national attention from Major League Baseball.

According to the Union Leader, MLB has reached out to USA Baseball to look into allegations that a local coach threatened to have an 11-year-old girl "beaned" by another child if she ended up on his team.

Earlier this week, an article appeared on ESPN.com. In it, Tony Reagins stressed that the league is still conducting research, but called for decisive action if the claims are true. "If what is reported is factual, it's just not acceptable, and I would go so far as to recommend that those coaches that were involved in this be removed," he said. Reagins is the executive vice president of baseball and softball development at Major League Baseball.

The incident in question, as reported by the Fosters Daily Demrocrat, the two coaches allegedly would instruct a player to "bean" an 11 year old, the only girl on the team in her division, and last to be drafted, in hopes she would leave the league. The conversation allegedly took place at meeting where players would be assigned team rosters.


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