This Saturday Dover will host the 30th Annual Apple Harvest Day. It's a huge celebration of Fall and you should plan on being there.

Don Briand, Carrie Alex and Steve Frank
Don Briand, Carrie Alex and Steve Frank

WOKQ's part in all of the festivities will center around the Rotary Arts Pavilion in Henry Law Park. This is where the opening ceremonies take place to kick off the day. The stage will also host entertainment all day long.

From 11am to noon we'll be presenting the Annual WOKQ Apple Pie Contest. You can download the entry form here. Nobody is quite sure of how many of these things we've done over the years. It started in either the second or third year of Apple Harvest Day so we're at either the 28th or 29th. This all pre-dates my time here so the exact number is probably lost to history.

The contest is fun because it brings out lots and lots of apple pies and pie is good. There are two divisions, one for the grown-ups and another for kids. We've got prizes in each division. Tim Tern The Former Intern will join our judging panel this year alongside WOKQ News Director Don Briand, Photosmith owner Steve Frank and former Mrs. New Hampshire Carrie Alex.

I'll be at the park all day long as your host for the pavilion stage... Unless I need a pie-induced nap.

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