Chances are pretty good that the bottle of water in your hand has a green Poland Spring label, and if it does, here's one more reason to love your Poland Spring.

It was just announced that Poland Spring's parent company, Blue Triton Brands, is making a huge donation to its fellow Maine businesses.  Not just any business, but the small ones who so desperately rely on local sales to stay in business.

While Blue Triton is a mega company, they certain recognize their neighbors in Lewiston following the tragic shootings in October.  The company is donating half a million dollars to the campaign to help business owners.

With the shelter in place, the city of Lewiston's small businesses saw major declines in sales, affecting whether they should stay open or close up their business.  Then the Lewiston-Auburn Chamber of Commerce stepped in and created the Small Business Relief Fund.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

The fund helps the city's small businesses get back on their feet.

As reported by WMTW, "This is where your memories are made, in the community, and these are the same owners and operators that sponsor the Little League and sponsor the community events, and we wouldn't be a community without them," said LA Metro Chamber of Commerce CEO and president Shanna Cox.

Blue Triton also recognizes that the heart and soul of the community are these small business who participate and advance the city by showing so much support to the community.

So feel good about that bottle in your hand.  It's made by a company who cares.

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