I grew up eating Pringles. I suppose if I'm being completely honest...I grew up HOOKED on the things. I blame my grandfather for my inability to say no to them. He LOVED them. I still remember sitting next to him...more like squeezing in next to him...in his favorite recliner. We'd watch Sanford & Son...and eat Pringles.

Of course Pringles...and TV...has come a long way since those days. My grandfather probably wouldn't recognize either these days. May he rest in peace. Television has definitely changed for the worse. And dare I say his favorite potato chip has too. They started creating all of these new funky flavors a few years ago. And while a few of them are OK...I'm not a big fan, generally speaking.

Bill Fox/Townsquare Media
Bill Fox/Townsquare Media

However, one that went over well with most people is making a return. Delish says Pringles is bringing back the ramen noodle-flavored potato chips for a limited time. They'll be sold at select Dollar General stores for $1.69 beginning on Thursday.

If you LOVE the ramen noodle-flavored Pringles, find the closest Dollar General near you by clicking HERE.


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