Talk about a scary situation!  Maine teenager Kiana French made the right call and saved her sister and father after their boat capsized on Parlin Pond in Somerset County per reporting from The three set out for some fishing on Parlin Pond when their 12-foot boat began to take on water once they had reached approximately the middle of the pond.  According to the boat eventually tipped over and Kiana had to convince her father to put on his life jacket.  Kiana put a life jacket on her sister and decided that the best way to help was to swim through the frigid waters to shore in an attempt to find help.

Poor Kiana made it to shore after swimming about 600 yards and began screaming for help.  Fortunately, her screams were heard, and some boaters were there to help and retrieve her father and sister Cierrah.  During her swim to shore for help, Kiana told the Morning Sentinel “One point, I stopped for just a minute.  I thought my sister and my dad were dead, and I thought I was taking too long.  I couldn’t see their heads anymore.”  It must have been a horrifying experience, but her bravery and quick thinking saved her sister and her father.

I have fallen off a kayak into cold water and I totally panicked.  My wife continued on to get help and I was picked up by forest rangers. I can’t imagine the thoughts that went through Kiana’s mind.  My wife doesn’t panic, but I do.  What an incredible act of bravery by Kiana French.  The shock of cold water took the breath out of me.  I am so glad there was a happy ending to this story and it’s a word of caution for when I venture out.





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