Police were called to a terrifying scene which could be inserted to a modern day Hollywood movie.

According to NECN, Farmington, Connecticut police are investigating a stabbing incident which played out last night in the community. According to the report, three people were stabbed during a Halloween party. Many were tipped off, and police said information about the party was posted on Snapchat, which led to as many as 300 people showing up.

The Halloween party, where reports of 100 to 300 people inside and outside the house was on Talcott Notch road in Farmington. A 911 call was placed about the loud party, and police responded at 12:40AM.

The report states there were three stabbing victims, with one listed in critical condition. Police were called in to assist Farmington Police with crowd control at UConn Health after the stabbing, officials said. Ages for the stabbing victims range from 19 to 26.

Farmington police continue to investigate.



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