If you arrived late to the 7:30pm showing of The Hobbit in Newington on Saturday and insisted on sitting in the center of the aisle requiring people to move-- during the film-- to accommodate your tardy, cell phone abusing, and wrapper crinkling inconsiderate self; I'd like to have a word with you. I was a little cranky to begin with as I didn't particularly want to see The Hobbit to begin with. Suffice to say, you didn't help.

First, if a movie has already started you see another film. On the off chance you purchased the tickets in advance and you're committed to the film, you are obligated to take the seats that will cause the least disturbance to your fellow movie goers. And that does not mean pushing through to the middle of the aisle.

As if that wasn't egregious enough, you have the gall to have your cell phone out for the majority of the movie? Seriously? Your phone should be off the entire time-- no texting, no games, no checking the time and no exceptions. Guess what, putting your hand over the side doesn't make it good. Everyone beside you and behind you still sees a distracting bright light, because you're wildly inconsiderate. Got it? You're being rude.

As for crinkling wrapper, I'll give that a pass-- you've shown yourself beneath expectation. From now on, save yourself some cash and your more considerate movie patrons a great deal of frustration. Stay home. You can sit in the middle of your couch.

movie patron on phone
ThinkStock Images / Fuse

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