The New Hampshire Patch did a story on the mid-December snowstorm we received yesterday, and I suppose I should have paid more attention to it. The Patch reported that the NWS said accumulations were “expected to range from 10 – 20 inches.” I drove into work in Dover from Rochester at about 4:00 am to get to the radio station to do the show and it was a bit snowy going in. There is nothing my super-duper mini cooper can’t handle, except for maybe some snow.

I went from a Jeep to a mini cooper and on most days, I don't regret the choice. Yesterday was one of those days. I had some help getting out of the station parking lot after the show by some guys running the snowplows.  Huge shout to those guys. As I was headed home, I could not get the idea of ice cream out of my head.  When I get the taste for something, it gnaws at me till I fill that hole in me that demands whatever I have the taste for.

So, my wife is at home wondering “should I call him to make sure he is okay, or will that distract him while driving?” Ultimately, she chose to be patient and wait because she knew it would take longer for me to get home.  But what really made me late was my stop at the Cumberland Farms store in Rochester to get some Fudge Ripple ice cream and chocolate sauce.  I’m sure many of you made snowmen or went skiing or sled riding but I had to have ice cream. Happy Snow Day! Oh by the way I ate 2 bowls full.




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