If you live in New Hampshire...or visit the seacoast during the summer...I feel like you have to have a favorite beach pizza. There are really two brands: Tripoli's and Cristy's.
Both have been around forever.

Until last weekend I'd only sampled Tripoli's. It's my girlfriend's favorite beach pizza...so it was a given than I had it first. But I decided to give Cristy's a try after so many people claimed it was truly the superior pie.

I'll tell you which one I love the most...but first here's what other people had to say:

WOW! There were over 170 comments...every single one of them giving their opinion about which pizza rules the beach along the Seacoast.

I thought they were both very similar. The difference in my opinion is in the sauce. And after sample a slice of pepperoni pizza from each location, my personal favorite is...Tripoli's. The sauce is just a little zestier. And for my pizza loving taste buds that made all the difference in the world.

However, given an opportunity to eat Cristy's again...I'd definitely do it.